How to Play

Click 'New' to start. The walls of a square room are lined 3 deep with Bloques, randomly arranged in 6 colors.

Click 'Play' to start level 1. A few Bloques sit in the centre.

When a wall Bloque is aligned with a centre Bloque, tap the wall bloque to invite it to slide over to meet the centre bloque.

A Clique is a set of connected Bloques of the same color. When a threesome or larger Clique connects up in the centre, the Clique Bloques leave. Each leaving Bloque counts a point.

When Bloques of a Clique leave, the sliding Bloques that were around them continue to slide toward the opposite wall. Sometimes this creates new Cliques, which leave.

Goal: clear all the Bloques from the centre.

When you've cleared all the centre Bloques, click 'Play' to start the next room (optional). If you become stuck, click 'Play' to start another room.

To advance to the next level, prove your skill by clearing the Bloques efficiently with few points. How high a level can you clear? In how few points?

successor/next incoming block, will enter the queue behind the next wall Bloque tapped.

How to change the language

To change the language of the game just click in the menu (Idioma - Language - Lingua) and select you language. See the screenshots page.

The bloquezilla project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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